Red Rising and Philosophy: Break the Chains!


51izgyd-oplIn a future world, the Roman Empire has been reincarnated to span the solar system. Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Series (Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morning Star) is the latest to get the Philosophy treatment from Open Court. In a world where you’re color is an indicator of your station in life, the society of the world of Red Rising focuses on class struggles, a population obsessed with technology, and the wealthy living off the labor of the poor.  Authors Courtland Lewis and Kevin McCain have gathered sixteen fascinating essays about socioeconomic status, class struggle, and oppression through the lens of the Red Rising Series in the new book Red Rising and Philosophy: Break the Chains!

As someone who has never read the Brown series, this round of reading was much more relatable on the philosophy side than knowledge of the Red Rising series.  I will say that Red Rising and Philosophy did stir up my interest in the Pierce Brown series, however. The book covers the concepts of evolution, unjust societies, the concepts of equality and political power.  As with all the Philosophy books from Open Court, the essays are easy to read, even if the concepts are high level materials.
Red Rising and Philosophy: Break the Chains! is a great book on the philosophy of what it means to be human in society. It is now available from Open Court Press.


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