Army of Darkness/Xena Forever and a Day #2


aodxena2016-02-cov-a-lashley Army of Darkness/Xena  Forever and a Day#2 is here and it’s well, it’s sorta anticlimactic. I mean, it starts off fantastic. There’s gravitas. There’s tension. There’s war. Just look at this opening –


but then..then it’s just Ash being Ash and oh yeah, baby Xena?! Yeah, you heard me, baby Xena!! So I guess it makes sense as this is only the second in this new series, so there must be a little bit of background I guess? Or setting up the scene better. This issue did introduce a new set of characters, the keepers of the time stream. They are crusty old men and they are not impressed with Ash at all. It was funny, their interaction, short and probably why he ended up with baby Xena rather than adult Xena.

I’m thinking that this issue is setting up how Ash will continue to interact with the time keepers further through the comic series. It will lend  a certain comic relief, not that this comic needed more of that.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Ash and Xena will meet up throughout their respective timelines. It’s all a bit wibbly wobbly if I do say so myself.

Army of Darkness/Xena  Forever and a Day #2 released today and is available on Amazon


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