Preview for Psycho Gran #2 From Titan Comics–She Puts the Old Skool into Vigilante Justice


We admit, we missed Psycho Gran #1, and for that we are deeply apologetic. Nothing we say can make up for not showing you the preview for the first comic about a granny with a pan-dimensional, sentient handbag–especially not when she also owns a flying dog and does battle with assorted ills.

All we can do is apologize again and offer you these preview images for Psycho Gran #2, coming out on digitally on November 2 from Titan Comics.

Synopsis for Psycho Gran #2

These are the continuing mis-adventures of Psycho Gran (or Psycho Besta as she’s known in Norway) – the 5ft high, mauve-haired, bespectacled, psychotic granny with a pan-dimensional, sentient handbag called Percy, a flying dog called Archie and a pathological hatred of rudeness. Join her as she does battle with pavement-riding cyclists, cloned burglars, noisy train passengers, scout leaders, impatient motorists and the dreaded Sunday morning doorstep god botherers. Oh and a spot of graffiti. All that.

Plus a free pull-out poster!

First published in the cult British kid’s comic Oink! back in 1986, Psycho Gran is the psychotically demented brain-child of cartoonist and comic book editor, David Leach – winner of Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me. David’s career as a cartoonist, writer and editor spans over 30-years. His work has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Sun and Private Eye as well as: Whizzer & Chips, Gas, Brain Damage, UT, Moose Kid and 1980’s cult comics, Toxic! and Oink!.

He is personally responsible for the only Comic Code Authority stamped US comic to feature a man sat on a toilet having a poo.

As an editor his past credits include, the Wallace and Gromit newspaper strip, the originated UK Adventure Time comic strips, Hammer Comic’s The Mummy and Roman Dirge’s Lenore.

Psycho Gran – She puts the old skool into vigilante justice.

Enjoy the Preview for Psycho Gran #2 From Titan Comics--She Puts the Old Skool into Vigilante Justice
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Enjoy the Preview for Psycho Gran #2 From Titan Comics--She Puts the Old Skool into Vigilante Justice
These preview pages give you a glimpse into the life of Psycho Gran, an old lady with a sentient handbag, a flying dog, and a love of loud music. Join her as she battles society's ills in her own way.
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