Prepare the Spiked Eggnog for ‘Krampus Unleashed’


unnamed-7Before we begin, you should know that Krampus Unleashed is not going to win an Academy Award. It’s not designed to be the next Schindler’s List or Silence of the Lambs. The film exists to make you laugh and maybe torture your analytical mind just a little bit. Krampus Unleashed, from Uncork’d Entertainment, is the type of film that you put on to give the MST3K treatment. The film starts with a group of men, excited to dig up the treasure of a German outlaw in the Arizona desert. You read that right. A German immigrant leads the way and the group discovers a buried and chained box. After a black stone is uncovered the immigrant begs his companions to put it back immediately, but with nothing else to show for their mission they hold onto it. Immediately, they are torn apart by the Krampus. Fast forward a few decades and you find a family on their way to Christmas Eve in Arizona. After attempting to pan for gold in a random creek, the find the discarded stone from our treasure seekers. Krampus is Unleashed again and people begin to die. It’s up to the survivors to stop the Krampus and return it to hell where it belongs.

The special effects in this movie make my high school productions look incredible. Be prepared for a ton of corn syrup blood and fake organs. Arms and heads are ripped off regularly, but always with such quick editing that if you reach down to get another fist full of popcorn you just might miss them. Very few of the characters are likeable, so it’s a bit cathartic to watch them meet their comically and ghastly deaths.

Krampus Unleashed starts with a series of text screens in an attempt to explain the background of the film. I hate to say it, but unless you’re a film in the Star Wars franchise, any text explanations over 30 seconds are a terrible sign. Frankly, the creature could have been anything and the film would have made sense. The fact that the creature is a Krampus has very little bearing on the plot at all.

The film is accidentally (or perhaps intentionally) hilarious. It’s definitely a brain break as we dive into the craziness of the holiday season. Make sure you watch the whole movie to get a special look a baby Krampus.

Krampus Unleashed is now available on VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment. It comes to DVD on December 13th.


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