‘The Love Witch’ is a Fun and Twisted Modern Film with a 1960’s Twist


Elaine is a gorgeous young woman recently come to a small town after the death of her ex-husband. She hopes to put him behind her and devote her entire being to the pursuit of love. Using witchcraft, she slowly begins to unravel the lives of everyone around her. The Love Witch is intentionally tongue in cheek. The film plays off 1960’s and 70’s horror and occult movies. In short, be prepared for a ridiculous amount of nudity and gold satin sheets. Feast your eyes on brightly colored outfits, weird kaleidoscope images, and many, many things you will not be able to unsee.

unnamed-6Samantha Robinson, the actress who plays Elaine, must be a witch; her winged eyeliner and eye shadow are perfect the entire film and her clothing is perfection. Even though she takes off her wig at one point in time, she still has amazing perfect hair. The difficult part of the film is dealing with the initial parts of the film where Elaine goes out of her way to shun feminism and encourages other women to spend their time pleasing their man. Of course, this changes throughout the film, but it still feels jarring and uncomfortable.

The plot of the film is easy to predict, but it’s done intentionally. Think of those 1960’s horror movies on Netflix. You know where the film is going. This film does all that it can to give the feel of the decade, even when using a few modern SUVs and cell phones. Elaine’s apartment is designed like the Thoth Tarot Deck and porn. Her lingerie is period specific and classy. Even her car fits the era. If you dislike the plot and acting, the film is worth watching for the visuals.  The director and writer, Anna Biller, knows what she’s doing with the way she sets up the film. The cinematography is perfection.

Here is where I rewarn you that this film has a ton of nudity. Do not watch this film with sensitive viewers or young children. There are burlesque scenes, scenes with faux nude pagan rituals, and more than enough sex and stripping scenes than you can shake an athame at.

The Love Witch comes to theaters in limited release November 11, 2016. It opens at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles. There is also the chance to see the director and some of the actors and actresses at:

Actress Samantha Robinson
Plus Principal Cast Members
Fri Nov 11, 7:00pm show w/Q&A*
Sat Nov 12, 7:00pm show w/Q&A
Sun Nov 13, 4:00pm show w/Q&A
*With Filmmaker Anna Biller

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