Tucson Comicon 2016 Review


Tucson Comicon 2016 was great fun. I had the chance to attend Sunday with my good friend Lina (who makes up one third of my cosplay team) and we were so happy we set time aside in our busy schedules to visit. Here are a few improvements Tucson Comicon (TCC) made this year:

  • Signage: There were plenty of signs telling you where to register and how to find key locations at the convention center (something that was a serious issue in conventions past).
  • Registration: There were lines for registration with clear divisions and staff ready to assist for anyone who was press, professional and/or guest.
  • Space: TCC utilized a lot more of the convention space this year which helped in keeping congestion at a minimum.
  • Guests: Some BIG guests made their way to TCC (Megadeth, Marina Sirtis and Casper Van Dien to name a few).

Unfortunately, due to ownership change, the convention did suffer from issues with timeliness in relation to vendor, professional and press approval notifications. There were also some changes in vendor layout that caused some havoc with setup. Other than these minor growing pains I heard nothing but positive reviews from the attendees of the convention. To help you get a sense of the convention’s halls, exhibits and people, here is a video for your viewing pleasure…

Here are a few snapshots of my time at this event…

Once again we had a wild time at this convention. We visited old friends, made new friends and witnessed a flurry of activity from guests and attendees together. This convention will remains one of my favorite winter time events for years to come.

For future event information please visit: http://www.tucsoncomic-con.com/

Tucson Comicon
Tucson Convention Center,
Starting on
November 4, 2016
Ending on
November 7, 2016

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