Review: Faith #5 (Election Special)


hillary-clinto-in-faith-5-190654Many of us have always wanted to be the Hero. We dream of having power to save  and to protect. For Faith Summers, this dream has become a reality.

Faith Summers is the ultimate fan-favorite from the Valiant comic world. As a Psion (someone with supernatural powers), she is able to fly and create companion shields ( sort of like force fields or an extension of power to move things).  She is strong, sweet, naive, dedicated, curvy, and an ultimate Fangirl. If Faith rocked darker locks, I would swear this was me in a dream come to life.

With another psion, @X ,  as her hacker extraordinaire and crime monitor, Faith flies across Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley dealing with crime in her own  way. She has to fight humans and supernatural creatures in various locations including a comic convention.

Faith #5 is a bit of a special issue. As can be seen from the cover, the motif of the comic is embodiment of the power of the people. As the issue slowly trickles down to the  plot with presidential candidate hopeful, Hillary Clinton, Faith has a steady stream of consciousness tackling willpower, dedication, and to keep moving forward.

There is a nod towards those high profile gossip magazines of “leaked” cell phone images of  an actress, Zoe Hines, who has been mainly known  from a famous “family friendly” show. This segment of the story is the main juice and will continue on in the next issue. The involvement of a talking black cat definitely conjured up images of Sailor Scouts, just as Faith did (in a super cute segment) but I would also add a Sabrina, the Teenage Witch vibe too. Whatever the case, this black cat is up to no good. Hines commits a supernatural act that causes people to be incapacitated. This is  all very similar to Queen Beryl sucking the energy for the Negaverse.  It never fails after reading a Faith comic book that I would drop in a random geek mention just as Faith would do.

The situation would the cat ends with a cliff hanger. To appease the growing need for more Faith, the special addition to the comic is where Hillary Clinton is making a speech to millions. There is an accident and a close call for Clinton.Despite that, Clinton is able to chat with Faith and they both exchange pleasantries. Although Faith was not too keen on picking this assignment as her Superhero and never mentions her political standing, she is still in awe that there is a female running for president. Both Faith and Hillary bond over mistakes and tribulations they have gone through. This comic in no way shape of form endorses anyone but it is the message and interactions that resonate with me. It is message to keep striving forward, whatever your goals may be.

I was definitely glad to see my perception of this comic has not change There was a twinge of worry for seeing the cover as I was not looking forward to labeling the comic a certain way. What the comic did too was to infuse hope and energy into not only voting but also to oneself. Definitely a positive note and not in any way leaning towards one partisan party.

As a whole, the Faith series has been a refreshing balm to the craziness out there. Her sweet outlooks on life pretty much echoes my own sentiment. It is also definitely amazing to see a female-character driven series that is plus sized and is a Fangirl (like me). There isn’t much like this out there, so I covet this with my whole heart.


Pick up Faith #5  at your local comic book retailer, now.



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