Cosplay Feature of the Week: Katy DeCobray


Winter is coming…and along with the holiday cheer we have for you some fantastic cosplay features! This week we introduce you to a cosplayer from Canada: Katy DeCobray!

Here is a bit about the “Baroness of Cobra North”…

  • Her first convention was San Diego Comicon 2009.

  • Her first cosplay was the Baroness from the G.I. Joe Series.

  • She is a member of Cobra North.

  • She enjoys cosplaying from all spectrums: T.V. series, comics (marvel, dc, etc.), movies and everything in between.

Welcome to Fangirl Nation Katy! Tell us, what drives you to cosplay?

Comic books and cartoons inspire me the most; I love playing the villain!

Villains are definitely a lot of fun to cosplay. What are your expectations for cosplay?

I don’t expect anything, honestly. I do it because I enjoy it and I’ll keep doing it until it stops being fun.

Do you have a cosplayer who you admire?

Does Adam Savage from Mythbusters count as a cosplayer, cuz he’s my favourite! I also love Miss Sinister ( because she goes balls to the wall on everything.

I LOVE Miss Sinister. Her make-up work is incredible! Alright, enough about others. Please share with us your favorite cosplay you have worn and explain how you constructed it…

The Baroness and Harley Quinn are my favorite costumes because they keep upgrading and evolving over the years as my skills keep improving. Both costumes taught me how to sew, work with vinyl and foam carving.

I still haven’t really had the chance to work with vinyl (mostly because I have access to crazy amounts of leather locally) so mad props to you for working with that medium. Speaking of crafting mediums, do you have any you prefer to work with?

I love working with ¾” EVA and craft foam. It’s cheap, lightweight, readily available, and easy to work with. My favourite effect is to create faux finishes like metal and wood.

Oooo…I am not certain that I have seen a wood finish on EVA foam so that is really cool! Well, it seems our time is coming to a close. Before you head off into the wilds of your home would you mind offering some advice to cosplayers of the world?

Cosplay because you enjoy it. It’s easy to get caught up in the attention and the drama, but it won’t help you creatively. Cosplay is a great way to challenge yourself to try new things and meet new people.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Katy! Katy can be visited at:

Per FGN tradition, here is a quick snapshot of Katy’s lovely cosplay gallery…

Photo ofKaty DeCobray
Katy DeCobray
(Baroness of Cobra North)
Job Title
Katy DeCobray Cosplay

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