Dark Souls: Winters Spite 1


darksouls_ws_1_cover_a_alan-quah I’ve not read the original Dark Souls, but I was intrigued by the idea of Dark Souls: Winters Spite so when the copy became available, I grabbed it. I have to say, I’m glad I did.  For the opening alone, I love this story line.

The Heart.

It is a fragile thing. 

But surely naught within this world holds greater power. 

Those who nurture its gifts know only satisfaction; their lives lit gloriously aflame. But those of wicked intention, who’d foster neglect therein, shall feel its true frigidity. (Dark Souls Winters Spite #1)

The first page of this comic tells the tale of a lady and her kingdom, and the dark winter that has been cursed upon her. It is worth the read alone for the beautiful language. The rest of the comic follows as the introduction to Andred of Ithvale, a warrior on a mission. His mission? To retrieve a precious sword that has been stolen from him. The problem with this is, that on the path of his mission he encounters a land ensconced in blizzard and he ends up captured;  left chained to a wall in a dungeon, until the time that he is put to battle to entertain his captors.  He wants to escape, he plans and rests and bides his time, but will it all be for naught?

As he continues to best the men and beasts that are put to him by the captors he does not know, the fights get harder, his opponents bigger and stronger.  Will Andred be able to fight his way free? What does he have to do with the Lady of Almeria, the land that he is enslaved in? This first issue does not answer any questions, instead it lays the groundwork for what I hope ends up being a truly epic fantasy story.

I’m very much looking forward to see what happens next for our hero, but first, he must get himself unchained. perhaps that will happen in the next issue due out next month.


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