Eclipse #3: Genetic Phenomenon


eclipse03_coverEclipse, written by Zack Kaplan and published through Top Cow Comics has created a world devoid of freedoms. A world where the Sun keeps humanity trapped underground, waiting for the day where they can once again return to the surface. Issue #1 introduced its readers to the Ice Mean, the Earth AFTER the Flare and humanity’s current condition. Issue #2 followed up with a mystery person who could SURVIVE outside, in the sunlight, without protection. Therefore it is no surprise that this issue, #3, follows this mysterious man and his incredible adaptation.

David has seen a lot in the Earth that followed the flare. He witnessed the death of his family, his friends and many others who were not fortunate enough to either be underground or in a secure building when the Sun scorched the earth and all that lived on its surface. He’s an Ice Man, a person who travels in a cooled suit to gather items, intelligence supplies when the Sun is shining. So when is investigating a murder and witnesses a man STANDING in the sunlight he can officially say he has witnessed something new. Unfortunately, this “something new” has a vendetta and the lives he takes along the way do not seem to deter him from his criminal obsession with murdering the children of the companies that protect what is left of man kind.

This Issue really delves into the hardships that people face in Eclipse. You witness the filth that the “lower class” are forced to live in and you come to realize just how unbalanced society has become. The illustration is dark, vivid and dramatic. Death is around every corner and the sheer body count is astounding. Despite the tragedy of it all there are glimmers of hope. There are people in this world who WANT to discover the truth and others who see the advantage of infecting themselves with whatever virus has altered the membranes of the mystery murderer to allow him time in the Sun. I am quite eager to move forward in this series and the suspense of waiting for the next issue is brutal.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this comic to those who are 14+, the story may be too dark for anyone younger. Issue #3 is available in stores and ONLINE so make sure to pick up your copy and discover a new apocalypse.


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