Green Valley #2: The Boy Atests


Green Valley, the place where anything is possible, a place full of magic and mystery appears to be REAL.

When a young boy appears before the broken Knights of Kelodia they are forced to contend with their sorrows. Given a tale about “dragons and sorcerers”, the four man collective, a collective of men once renown for their courage, must face the demons of their past and make a decision.

Will the knights keep to their oaths and travel as “One” or is Bertwald, once a happy man and the unspoken leader of the group, going to force their camaraderie to dissolve?

Written by Max Landis with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cliff Rathburn and Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Green Valley is the epitome of an epic fairy tale. Inspired by tales from role playing games, Max takes his childhood and wraps into a tale of woe and redemption in the form of four very different Knights. The art is solid with vibrant colors and detailed line work. This comic is slowly inching up my spine like an irritating shiver. It nags at me to check when the next issue is going to be released and keeps me on my toes. This is good for anyone ages 12 and up (there is some aggressive language and adult themes) and is available in most comic books stores OR online at:

Pick up an issue and revel in the beauty that is Green Valley!

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