Ether #1


etherWell, that was not what I was expecting. While not bad, Ether #1 is certainly different. Amusingly so. When you look a the cover you expect maybe a gritty story when in reality you get comedy. Philosophical comedy, but yes, comedy. The colors are bright. The illustrations are cartoonish. In short, it’s fantastic.

The story follows Boone Dias, a scientist on the path to proving to his world that magic is not magic, so much as knowledge from a different world.  Magic is not mystical. It is simply science from another world, The Ether. So this first issue is an introduction in the best way. You get to see the humor of the world of Ether. The amazing beings, the technology, the library. Oh man, that library! You also meet not only Boone but Glum and Libel as well as The Blaze. All important characters and, I’m going to hazard a guess that the writers knew what they were doing in choosing those names.

Our main guy Boone has made the trip to Ether many times, each time apparently solving a crime, which seems at odds with his “I’m just a researcher” ideals. So when a bad, bad thing happens, Glum is charged with bringing Boone to the Lighthouse, which serves as the center of town and the home of The Blaze. Boone goes into full on Inspector Gadget mode, which made me giggle, and a magic bullet is found. Now, if you’re like me, you were dragged straight back to Who Framed Rodger Rabbit when you saw the bullet, although this one was a baby, not a grizzled man smoking a cigar.

I think that might be why I liked this comic so much. it reminds of so many of my favorite classics from childhood. A little bit of Cool World, a sprinkle of Rodger Rabbit, just a hint of Inspector Gadget, with enough Bugs Bunny humor to pull it all together. I really hope the writers are able to keep this up, I’m so excited to see what happens next, and who exactly Hazel is.


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