Spell on Wheels #2


30266Jolene, Andy, and Claire are in search of a powerful orb. After arriving at the house of a former famous artist (and raging sexist) the girls discover he has sold the orb to a buyer. The buyer is en route, so he tells the girls they should stay for the party at his house. Claire doesn’t trust it, but Andy and Jolene seem very interested in the people who live in the artists’ compound. Things are definitely not what they seem and soon Claire is the only one seeing clearly enough to save the day.

The story work for Spell on Wheels #2 is done by Kate Leth, known for her work on the comic books for Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, and Vampirella. The gorgeous art is done by Megan Levens, known for her work on Madame Frankenstein.  Marissa Louise keeps the art bright and colorful, giving the feel of something in between Scooby Doo and The Craft.

Having started with issue #2, I would recommend going back and starting from the very beginning. I was able to pick up the story, but still feel like I’m missing something.

Spell on Wheels #2 is now available from Dark Horse comics.


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