A Magical LootCrate in November 2016


Magical LootCrate All ItemsThe Magical LootCrate from November 2016 not only has a name that is easy to use as a descriptor, it lives up to it pretty well. While there are fewer items in this crate than in previous crates, they are of good quality and represent their respective franchises well.

First, those who like to journal or keep track of plans on paper have the opportunity of an slim Game of Thrones book with a black leather-ish cover and guilt-edged pages. The Red Woman’s ominous figure¬†haunts the book.This is not the most practical item ever, but then, Loot Crate is only partly about practicality–and if you’re not a journal-keeping type or the story-writing kind, you can always write your grocery lists in here, and make them stylish.


Big Trouble in Little China/ Escape from New York CrossoverThis is one of the boxes with a comic book in it, this time the first issue of the Big Trouble in Little China / Escape from New York comic, with a Loot Crate exclusive cover.


Loot Crate grabbed two big movie items this time with a Doctor Strange Q-Fig and a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them T-shirt. It’s great that both items clearly tie into their franchises (most are, but a couple have been process-of-elimination), and both are good-quality.The Doctor Strange Q-Fig is well-painted and has even managed a resemblance to a certain pale British actor we all know and love. The flaring cape is a wonderful touch, too:

Doctor Strange Q-Fig Front


Fantastic Beasts T-Shirt (Look! It's blue!"The Fantastic Beasts T-Shirt is one of their better shirts with a good design and better-quality T-shirt fabric. Also? It’s not grey. I have nothing against gray in the abstract, but a lot of the Loot Crate shirts are gray, and this is a good, solid dark blue.

This is finished off with a copper Elder ScrollsLoot Pin that unlocks some Elder Scrolls gameplay.

All in all, it’s a solid crate: There is nothing truly astonishing, but there are two good, well-made items relating to fan-favorite films, plus a couple of fun side-items to enjoy.

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