Marvel’s ‘America’ to Hit Shelves March 2017




Set for March 2017, YA novelist Gabby River and artist Joe Quinones are continuing the adventures of America Chavez in the new series named simply America. This “Latina powerhouse” will be fighting her way through dimensions, face off against an alien horde, and still balance her social life and classes on alternate Earths.

According to Gabby Rivera: “I think some of the really fun Marvel moments are gonna be when we bring in key players like Captain America and Storm. They are going to be able to help America on her journey. And teach her things about her powers or lead her along the way.”


“America has one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic fanbases out there, so we wanted to make sure we could deliver a solo series worthy of that devotion,” said Editor Wil Moss. “That’s why we’re so thrilled to welcome Gabby Rivera to the Marvel fold, as she’s got America’s voice down pat, plus she’s got a ton of surprising and fun ideas for the series. And combining that with the one-of-a-kind stylings of the great Joe Quinones? Well, we’re ready to deliver that solo series now.”


Marvel Comics’ AMERICA  arrives in comic book shops March, 2017.


Here are some more images of this awesome character:

america001cvr_joe-quinones america001variantcvr-cliff-chiang america001variantcvr-jamie-mckelvie america001variantcvr-tradd-moore



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