Attack on Titan for Christmas? Yes please!


Last month my husband and I were surfing netflix when we stumbled upon Attack on Titan. We had just finished a show so we thought “eh, why not?” Little did I know just how much that show would change my freaking life. I’d heard of it, in a sort of, “hey you should check this out” kind of way. And I’d seen the trailer for the live action movies, so I was sorta prepared for what I was about to watch. Wait, no I wasn’t. Two episodes in and I was hooked. Half way through the one season (this is a travesty) on netflix I was searching the interwebs for anything I could find on the anime. We finished the season in one week. Now I’m left to fill the void with buying all the merchandise!!!

So this is the perfect place for anyone who is a fan of the manga or the anime to find the perfect gift for themselves or their friends in the fandom as well.  So let’s get this started. Shopping for the Attack on Titan fan in your life.

10. Monopoly. Everyone loves monopoly right? Well here is a Attack on Titan version. It’s pretty cool.

9.  Art. This poster from ArtsyPrintStudio over on Etsy is beautiful.

8.  Levi’s coat. Let me say it again. Levi’s coat. You know you want to be as cool as Levi.

7. BluRay. You can get the first 13 episodes on BluRay with a good bit of extras.

6. Funko Pops. Fans and collectors love these guys. And there is a huge selection to choose from. Just head on over to the Funko site.

5. Books. I’m a huge promoter of books, and as this world started as manga, getting the books is a really smart choice.  You can get this box set from Barns & Nobles.

4. Figurines.  There are so many options here, but this set from ThinkGeek is a good first gift. It’s a set of three and pretty inexpensive.

3.  Coffee cup. Most fan type people are fans of the liquid heaven that is coffee, so this is perfect for them. There are few options over on Etsy, but this one from Animusrhythm is my favorite.

2. The cape! Yes, the cape. Mikasa’s to be more concise.  Show your love for the Recon Corps with this great find from Ebay.

1. And most importantly, the game. Anime and gaming go hand and hand and this is definitely true for Attack on Titan.  Depending on which platform you prefer, you can get the game at Gamestop.


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