Christmas Shopping Doctor Who style


It’s that time again, Black Friday is here, and then comes Cyber Monday. Before you know it it’s Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza morning and the Whovian in your life is all set and ready to open presents. Did you find them that perfect gift? The one that shows you know just how much they love Doctor Who? The best gift of all gifts to ever been given to this particular Whovian? Well, worry not, cause here I am to give you a hand in finding these treasures.

Most lists like this will give you certain items, but today I’m going to share some websites where you can go and find many different types of gifts. Because there is A LOT of Doctor Who stuff out there.

1- Funko Pops.

If your whovian is the collector type, then there is nothing cooler to collect right now than Pops! You can head to their website and just search for Doctor Who. You’ll find Ten, Eleven, Twelve as well as many pf the monsters such as Adipose, Cybermen and Weeping Angels. There are a lot to choose from, so choose wisely!

8000001194 funko-pop-television-doctor-who-12th-doctor-with-spoon

2- Etsy

Is your favorite Doctor Who a bit nerdy? Crafty? Etsy is the perfect place for them. here is where you’ll find the off the wall and amazing things. One of my favorites? A timeline poster that explains all the Doctors lives. You can find it here. I also found this amazing pendant that I’m adding to my own wish list. Find it here.

3- Hot Topic

For the whovian who wants to show their love in what they wear, Hot Topic put out a whole line of clothes inspired by Doctor Who. And as an added bonus, they actually come in a lot of sizes, so hooray for inclusion.


4- TeeFury and/or Teepublic

Tees are awesome. Fandom tees are even awesomer. Both of these sites have a great collection of really comfy tees. You have your pic of ways to make your whovian happy on Christmas morning. Click here for TeeFury or here for TeePublic. Another bonus, TeePublic also has other shopping options.  Mugs, notebooks and wall art are other things you can search for on their site.

5- BBC shop

Last but not least, and maybe the most recognizable of my list.  The BBC is the amazing place that brings us Doctor Who, so of course they have the goods when it comes to merchandise.  You want a replica of Twelve’s Sonic screwdriver? They have it! You want a plush K-9 doorstop? Also have it! You want an inflatable Dalek? Oh yeah, they have that too!! Plus, all the DVD’s you could think of, cosplay coats, pj’s and on and on. Just trust when I say, this is the place to shop for that amazing Whovian in your life.

Hopefully this list finds you in time to take advantage of some Black Friday deals. And I’m sure whatever you settle on, the Whovian in your life will be ecstatic. So Happy Holidays from us at FangirlNation!




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