Snot Girl #4: Apologies and Delusions


snotgirl04-coverLottie Person is just trying to be herself. She is a popular fashion blogger with a HUGE following and lots of style. So when she meets “Cool Girl” she is thrilled to, at last, have found someone with the sense of life she is so desperately seeking. Everything is cool with Cool Girl until THAT night. You know, the one where she falls on the ground dead. Yeah, THAT night. Lottie, beside herself with shock and grief, hides from the world until “Norm Girl” invites her to her engagement party. A girl can’t ignore an engagement party, right?

Despite fears that the police may be looking for her Lottie attends Norm Girl’s party and, through a series of unfortunate events, becomes the subject of envy and judgment for the evening. Once again forced to run away, Lottie seeks solace outside the confines of Norm Girl’s home when a familiar voice asks how she’s doing. A voice from THAT night. The voice of someone who is SUPPOSED to be dead. Lottie turns in shock to discover that Cool Girl, the woman who Lottie SWEARS she witnessed covered in blood in a bathroom stall at a dive bar, is speaking casually to her.

With great confusion Lottie decides it may be best to visit her doctor. It’s here that we discover Lottie is on “experimental” treatment for her overactive sinus system. Why is this important? Well, perhaps all of these “visions” Lottie is having are hallucinations brought on by allergic reactions to the medicine. How else can you explain that Cool Girl is alive? Just as the reader starts to wonder if Lottie has been imagining all the drama in her life a detective comes by her home. He’s nice, kind and promises not to be business…that is, until he pulls a bag of Lottie’s pills from his pocket that are covered in blood.

Created by Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung, Snot Girl #4 sends its readers down the rabbit hole of all rabbit holes. Lottie is thrust into bad situations and the reader must decide what is real and what is delusion. Is Lottie a murderer? Did she kill Cool Girl? But if she did then WHO is this girl posing as Cool Girl now? If she didn’t, WHY does a COP have Lottie’s pills covered in blood? Most importantly: will Esther EVER get to tell Lottie that she has a REAL PAYING JOB now?!! Leave it to Snot Girl to rile the senses and leave you in a delirious state of confusion. I quite like the turns and twists this comic takes. It keeps the story interesting and grounded at the same time. Snot Girl #4 is available in stores now and can also be purchased ONLINE.

Grab a copy and fan girl on!


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