Trailer for ‘Killjoy’s Psycho Circus’ Downright Weird–and NSFW


Killjoy's Psycho Circus

As one might expect from a movie about a clown who escaped from Hell, the trailer for Killjoy’s Psycho Circus is decidedly strange and definitely NSFW/don’t watch with kids. The demon clown is now famous, mortal, and on the run from Beelzebub–who is chasing him in a giant spaceship.

Got some popcorn?

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Synopsis for Killjoy’s Psycho Circus

Killjoy, the demon clown and his gruesome crew – Batty Boop, Punchy and Freakshow have finally made it to Earth! Killjoy has settled in and is starring in his own web series called PSYCHO CIRCUS. But two years down the road, Killjoy discovers that life here on Earth is a drag – filled with inconveniences such as eating, breathing, taxes, immigration and mortal sex!

More problems arise as Killjoy’s love interest Batty Boop leaves after a bitter lover’s quarrel, not to mention that Killjoy is now semi-mortal! But the challenges of being famous are nothing compared to the challenges of staying alive. After being tried for letting Killjoy escape, BEELZEBUB can only redeem himself by trapping Killjoy’s spirit and bringing it back to Hell. Killjoy must find a way to unite his gang of clowns to defeat Beelzebub and his Six-Psychos!

It all comes together in an EPIC space-battle in KILLJOY’S PSYCHO CIRCUS!

Killjoy's Psycho Circus Poster

Trailer for 'Killjoy's Psycho Circus' Downright Weird--and NSFW
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Trailer for 'Killjoy's Psycho Circus' Downright Weird--and NSFW
Watch a trailer about a clown who has escaped from Hell and is being chased by Beelzebub in a giant spaceship.
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