A Diamond and Pearl Tiara Found in “A Treacherous Trader”


61xtbjpeol-_aa300_Molly Appleby goes to Vermont from her home in North Carolina to plan her wedding in the place where she and her fiance, Matt, hope to move in A Treacherous Trader by Ellery Adams, the fourth book in the Antiques & Collectibles series. At her hotel, Molly makes friends with Violet and her daughter, Lindsey, who are there to plan Lindsey’s wedding. The pair are dismayed to learn that Violet’s ex-husband, who paralyzed the woman by deliberately running her over with a car while Lindsey was still a baby, now owns a wedding photography shop in the town in Vermont where they plan to hold Lindsey’s wedding. Ever curious, Molly asks everyone she encounters about this man, Alec, whom she learns has earned notoriety for his philandering and harassing every woman in town. It comes as no surprise to the reader then when Alec is discovered murdered in his home.

The next morning, Violet and Lindsey, aware of Molly’s involvement in helping solve prior murders, seek Molly’s help because Lindsey discovered Alec’s body after having confronted him about her identity as his daughter, making her a suspect in the case. Knowing that she can name plenty of people who would gladly have killed Alec, Molly communicates with the detective in charge of the case, who relies heavily upon Molly in solving the mystery.

Each of the books in the Antiques & Collectibles series intersperses the narration with a story of an antique artifact that plays a significant role in the book. In this case, we see a German artisan create a valuable, beautiful diamond and pearl tiara, giving it to his Jewish employer in 1937 to help the man flee Germany. We follow the path of this tiara until it reaches the present day. Adams does an amazing job of bringing this inanimate object to life, giving it a character in the book.

Andi Arndt narrates the audio version of this book, deftly handling the accents of the different regions of the United States. A plot point of the book deals with accents, so Arndt’s ability to voice these accents makes the book more effective.

I highly enjoyed reading A Treacherous Trader. The book went by all too quickly for my taste. The solution, though, seemed rather far-fetched, making that a little disappointing. Further, the way the police detective relies on Molly, making her his partner in the investigation, came across as unrealistic. Despite these reservations, I still found the book delightful and give it four stars.

This revised edition of this book is available only in Kindle and audio format. To purchase the CD version of this book for yourself, click here on Amazon.


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