An Exuberance of Heroes in the Arrowverse Crossover

Arrowverse Crossover Supergirl

Supergirl Shows off

You do remember that tonight is the beginning of the grand Arrowverse crossover, right? The one between Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow? It is! And, even if you don’t follow all the shows (I don’t), it should still be fun–the trailer shows sheer exuberance when it comes to it’s multiple characters.

Supergirl and Flash are still great friends after meeting in last season’s show crossover, and she’s got an answer all ready when people ask why she’s worth having around. It should be–interesting–seeing her work with Heat Wave. Here’s hoping the crossover takes the opportunity to pair people up across shows!

So, here’s waiting for tonight–though I wish Supergirl were going to be all crossover without the family drama promised first. Not that I’m against family drama as such, but it seems a shame to waste a large portion of the first-ever four-way crossover between the shows on it!

Arrowverse crossover with everyone

All together now!

An Exuberance of Heroes in the Arrowverse Crossover
Article Name
An Exuberance of Heroes in the Arrowverse Crossover
One last trailer for the Arrowverse crossover starting tonight, complete with heroes and aliens galore. You watching?
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