Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor Year 2 #11


download I missed this issue at the beginning of the month and that made me sad, so here I am rectifying that. Some people do not like the Twelfth Doctor, but I do. Why? Because his snark. I love it. Every time someone comments on his nose, I laugh out loud. Even when I’m all alone and reading the comic on my computer in my office. He’s just awesome that way.  So even when you go the first half of an issue without him showing up, I’m still in it for the long haul.

And that is what you get here. The Doctor is currently companion-less, so this issue is all about the back story of the girl who will be travelling with him for the next little while, or at least that is what I figure.  And that leads to an interesting world. A world where Cardinal Richelieu didn’t die when he was supposed to, instead he’s an demon/alien and ruling with an iron fist. And in this world we meet Mademoiselle La Maupin.  The Doctor ends up in an opera house, and finds a young woman who’s ready to duel the world. But then again, passages like this don’t help at all.


I mean, if someone said that about my singing (true as it might be) I might want to duel them as well. But La Maupin is an interesting character on her own. We meet her as a child learning to sword fight with her father. Then she falls in love with another girl, get’s married off, rescues the girl from a convent only to be spurned by the newly saved girl. So what does she do? She falls in with a rogue and ends up pardoned. That’s a pretty full life right? But now that she is with the Doctor, I imagine her life is going to get even more interesting.  I’m curious what is next for the two who are in the Tardis now. The Doctor and his new companion, for at least for a little while anyway.


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