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Anita in Humans TeaserHumans Season 1 introduced the Synths, robotic creations designed to look like, serve, and definitely not feel like humans. Only, of course, someone had to go the extra mile and create a family of Synths that do feel–and they’re out in the world now, trying to survive. While this is not a new premise–we make Frankenstein’s monster on a regular basis–Humans works by starting small: With 8 episodes, Season One showed one human family trying to come to terms with one feeling Synth, Anita aka Mia. With this small initial focus gradually widening to include the rest of the aware Synths in Mia’s small “family,” the show let viewers see the world from the point of view of confused individuals who gradually get drawn into the Humans vs. Synths debate–some on the side of building a joint culture, some in both groups finding themselves threatened. Season 2, which comes out in February, is going to open matters up further as the consciousness programming is released to more synths, possibly with disastrous results, as teased by the “Catastrophic Malfunction” teaser below:

For those of you who missed it, the trailer only came out recently and shows more of Niska, in particular, after her escape:

Humans Season 1 is available for streaming on Amazon

Watch the newest teaser for Humans, Season 2, which begins in February. Has Anita turned murderous?
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