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I know, I know…where have all the cosplay features gone?!! With the impending new year fast approaching I have given cosplay featuring a break and decided to run some interviews instead. Some time back I had the opportunity to chat with those awesome nerds at Nerd of the Day. I met some of their crew at Phoenix Fan Fest 2016 and just could not help but follow up with them online afterwards. Here is what they had to say about themselves and what they do…

nerdoftheday Nerd of the Day is run by a six partner team. Today we’ll be chatting with the head of that team, William Williams. Welcome William! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. Please tell us how you got started as a media outlet that focuses on nerd/geekery…

We started out being a nerdy group of friends that wanted to record a podcast. While pod-casting is fun and great, Kris and I are far more passionate about film. Realizing that instead of just recording a podcast we could offer film, photos and audio we decided to restructure; now our little podcast idea has turned into this media company and it is what we are hoping to do for the rest of our lives.

I always LOVE hearing about people who have the chance to set out and conquer their passions. Since there are six of you, please introduce us to your staff and provide a little background on how you met…

The main individuals that make Nerd of the Day possible are Kris Swett(media manager), Evan Cirasole(media manager), Brandon Beach(podcast manager), Eli Berberena(interwebs guru), Alexena Danielle(business manager) and myself.

received_10207680471397501Kris and myself are childhood friends. I met Eli at a job where he was a web developer and we hit it off with awkward jokes and nerdy conversations. Brandon then joined the group as the dad figure with tons of knowledge on old school comics and films. Kris met Evan while working at a concert venue. Cracking jokes and spouting off one liners he quickly joined the group and fit like a puzzle piece. Alexena is the odd one out while not crazy nerdy like the rest of the group she keeps us focused and on track. Dropping the hammer on us when it’s needed.

I would also like to mention Jerilynn Alderman and Randy Cribben from FireChilde Glass. Thanks to them we have been able to travel and attend many events we’ve never been able to get to before.

Also, one last shout out to Luke Larson at From the Bumper. He is a great mentor and has helped improve our photography work and continues to help push us to be the best that we can.

Mentors and friends are the greatest assets anyone could ever ask for. They guide us, make us stronger and very rarely give up on us (even when we’re at our worst). It’s great to see how your company is flourishing in so short a time. Do you have any a stories of your first events? How have those experience impacted your decision to move forward as Nerd of the Day?

received_10207680457837162The team has 2 specific stories. The first would be the first Phoenix Comicon Kris and I filmed. After it was posted, seeing the emails, comments and the feedback felt amazing and was the deciding factor that we would indeed take the company in this direction.

Second would be Kris and Evan leading the Mandalorian March at Phoenix Comicon 2016. The sheer number of Mandos marching, the look on everyone’s faces while marching and the yelling was just amazing.

I saw that march! That’s cool that you were leading that. What are your company’s plans for the future?


Our main goal is to expand the network covering not only conventions and cosplay but introducing web series’ and documentary style films. We also want to expand our photography work and create pieces of art that stand out from what other companies in the industry offer by working with a variety of local based cosplayers, artists and prop makers.

Is it bad that I just mentally made of note of contacting you in the future as being one of those artists/cosplayers? On a more serious note: you are INCREDIBLY determined and it is wonderful to see such vivacity in a community overrun by people trying to exploit others. So, how many conventions/events do you average a year?

It’s really hard to say. In 2017 we will be traveling all over. We are hoping to do at least one major con a month and as many small events as we can get to. We hope to network with as many companies and conventions as we can to become their go to company for media.

That’s terrific! Before I start spamming our readers with all your social media links is there anything else you would like to share with us?

We are always looking to work with new people and companies. We love taking on new projects and expanding our skill set. We can be reached at [email protected] And a big thank you to FGN for being amazing!!

Awww! You are most welcome! Thank you for spending some time with us! AS promised, here is how you can reach/read/watch Nerd of the Day…

Be sure to give them some love and, as always, never forget to FAN GIRL ON!

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