The Tenth Doctor Volume 4


dw_10d_vol_04_the_endless_songOkay, firstly, Captain Jack!!!!! Okay, phew, got that off my chest.

This comic, The Tenth Doctor Vol 4, is a set of four different issues. They don’t follow in a straight line (some might say they’re wibbly wobbly), and they don’t all go together. The first two stories have a slight connection with the Anubis story line that I got to read some of earlier, and then the last two are a set in which neanderthals are a main character. I mean, it is Doctor Who after all, so neanderthals aren’t that really too much of a stretch.

The first story, The Endless Song, was quite fun to read. I love the idea of a disembodied entities who sing the world into being, who bring life and peace to a planet with music. You also, in this story, get to see what kind of companion Gabby is. i have to say, i kind of wish I got to see her on the tv series with the Doctor. They have a great chemistry.

The second story…hmmm…what can I say? Oh yeah. Captain Jack!!!! There is a bunch of talk about a cult in this one, and more mention of Sutekh and Anubis. I enjoyed this one, mostly because it seemed like magic. I am drawn to the story lines in Doctor Who, where the magic is always shown to be some sort of alien. (Spoilers: It’s always an alien). I’m a big believer in magic in real life, so it always amuses me to see it get debunked. Which makes me kinda weird, but oh well.

Stories three and four make me want to go, and then the neanderthal showed up. Watching the doctor and early man learn about each other, all while running away from the Monaxi who wish to enslave pretty much everything and put them to death via a gladiator arena. Only in Doctor Who would all that make sense. Gladiators. Neanderthals. Space ships. Yup, just another day in the Who-niverse (hey look, I made up a word).

Seriously though, while this collection feels a bit disjointed, it’s still a fun romp. And it’s worth it to read these and then try to go find the rest of the issues in that particular series so you can actually know what is going on.


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