The Twelfth Doctor, Year 2 #12


dw_12d_2_12_cover_a_alex_ronald Well, I wasn’t expecting that. Best feeling ever, amirite? It really is, especially when what you weren’t expecting is so freaking good. There is so much good in this issue, mainly because it’s a continuation from the last issue I reviewed (which I loved). This means more Mademoiselle La Maupin. More Richelieu. Also, King Louis XIV. Who, from the look of those black eyes, is not going to be giving The Doctor the help he needs. (Ooops, spoilers)

More things I loved about this issue. Gargoyles. More importantly, “garrulous gargoyles.” Secret libraries.  Dark libraries full of alchemists works and all the other things that Richelieu deemed not cool. (I so want to visit that library) I freaking love the writing in these stories. Mostly because you can totally hear it in the grumpy doctor voice that Capaldi has.


Okay, here’s the rub though. We still don’t know what all has taken over the Cardinal and the King. Or what is giving life to the automaton gargoyles.  So we are left still wanting the explanation. And for once I’m not that upset. Because why? Well it’s Twelve and he has a seriously awesome companion right now. La Maupin is a spunky woman, who is not at all afraid, and that makes it more fun than normal, as the Doctor isn’t constantly having to save her. Okay, that’s not strictly true, her being spunky and unafraid means she tends to go off half cocked and he does end up saving her. But still, I like her spunk.

As I’ve said before, I love when the writers in the Who-niverse (tv or comic) tackle real people and real events. I love messing around with what we know as truth and bringing it into a supernatural (come on, those totally look like demon eyes) or alien story. I’m super interested in how this plays out. And hope that we get more answers in the next issue.


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