Review: Generation Zero #4


genzero_004_cover-b_mullerThe Psiot (those with supernatural abilities) team that consists of Generation Zero: Animalia (ability to morph into any animal), Cloud (ability to obscure people’s mind),  James and Katherine (scary telepathic siblings), Telic (precognitive abilities),  and Cronus (can heal and destroy) have not only nicknames that relay what they can do but they are also powerful. They are also highly trained teenage Psiots with very little grasp of ethics and morals. They do, however get things done and help when no one is listening. This is why Keisha Sherman had contacted them to help solve the possible murder of her boyfriend. This brings up other issues.

The last time we saw Generation Zero, the team had decided to kidnap Adele -daughter of the town’s emergency manager- to try to glean more information. The sinister ending of the second issue  seemed to hint that we were going to see darker and unchecked violence from these teens. From the third we begin to realize a crucial aspect of this group: they are all still children, even with the military training. The only physical damage Adele incurs from the team must have been from the rope burns on her wrists as she tries to twist away. For the third issue really takes place from within Adele’s mind.With an art format drawn with a nod towards Archie comics.  Thanks to their teamwork and Psiot powers, they are able to leave their bodies behind and search Adele’s memories for clues.

What the third issue does is to begin the idea of perspective. Although it was pretty comical at times, the team seeing Adele’s world from her perspective comes as a surprise to Keisha. Generation Zero #4 reverts that POV to Keisha’s little brother. As  he struggles to fin his way home, we see the world from his eyes. We see how influential his sister is to him.  The big eye look that everyone seems to have is a bit unsettling.

Unfortunately during their frolic about Adele’s mind, they find that her brain has been outfitted with a tracker and her very, very rich father is coming. With Keisha’s father close behind. On a side note, I see the practicality of this but something about it still gives me the heeby jeeby.

Four issues into Generation Zero and not much stride has been made into solving the mystery of the missing boyfriend. There is the apparently something sinister ongoing into town, but since the group has come in barely anything has been done. The comic is still appealing and fun to read. I am just not seeing how these can hold a lot of attention. Nothing has been clear cut and showing much momentum in terms of story lines. The story far can be summarized simply as military children who are trying to find some sort of happiness. Hopefully the story moves forward a bit more in the next issue.



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