torchwood_3_cover_b_will_brooks well…this is going to be a shot review.  I love Captain Jack. I’m growing quite fond of Shelly the AI who is more human than some people I know. But the thing is, these comics do not give you very much to write about. They’re so disjointed and jump from three different story lines, that I’m sure all mesh somehow, but we still don’t know how or why. `Right now, after three issues, all I have is questions. Why is Rona lying? Who is this Captain John? Why is the butler lying to the Lady of Torchwood House? See? More questions than answers. Also, why the heck does Captain Jack want Gwen’s womb? Stuff is getting weird on that Ice Maiden.

I really hope that in the next issue we start to get some answers. Any answers really would be helpful. See, short. That’s me, out, hoping to have a longer review for the next issue of Torchwood.


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