“The Sayers Swindle” Channels Lord Peter Wimsy’s Detection


51eo6ltulcl-_sl1500_In The Sayers Swindle by Victoria Abbott, Jordan Bingham has taken on the job of tracking down her employer’s pilfered complete set of collectible books by Dorothy L. Sayers. The problem is that Karen, the used book dealer who had bought the collection from the thief and who really wants to help recover the books, was almost killed in a devastating attack in the previous book, The Christie Curse, and given serious brain damage that has left her with amnesia.

As Karen slowly grasps more details about the man who purchased the set from her, Jordan is able to locate the home of the gentleman. However, when Karen and Jordan visit him, they become alarmed because the woman and her supposed teenage son who live with him seem to be holding the book collector hostage by drugging him and locking him inside the house.

This sets Jordan on a new trail of detection, in which she is guided by questions of “What would Peter Wimsy or Harriet Vane do in this situation?” The method of channeling Dorothy L. Sayers’s hero is effective as a plot device that I found really enjoyable. Abbott uses the same method in her other books, but each one changes its style of detection to suit the author the book focuses on.

The book is performed by Carla Mercer-Meyer, who does an enjoyable job of making the book come to life.

The Sayers Swindle is even better than the first book in the series. It especially will delight fans of classic mysteries who will recognize the detection elements of Lord Peter Wimsy. But anyone who enjoys mysteries will love this book on its own too. I give this book five stars!

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