Doctor Who: Third Doctor #3


dw_d3_03-jpg-size-600 This issue, the Third Doctor #3 is a shocker. There’s a new villain. The Master is trying to be helpful. The Doctor is actually sharing (his emotions, that is).

So when we left off, the doctor and Jo were statues of silver, the second doctor was trying to be helpful but failing, and in Jo’s subconscious she and the doctor were trying to figure out what all was going on. In this issue, we meet the hive mind and find out it’s just scared which of course makes it angry, and we all know how that ends up. Or at least in the Who-niverse any way.  Luckily for him and Jo, the doctor is able to talk his way out of being a silver statue. But once he does that, things only get weirder.

The Master is wearing the Brigadier’s face. Not that unusual. The real Brigadier is tied up in a closet. Again, not unusual. But who exactly is the Second Doctor? Because with the Master playing nice and giving out information that insinuates that there is an impostor, it sorta makes you wonder.

-> Are you following all this? I know if you’re not a huge Who fan, it might all be confusing.

So back to the fray. We get a glimpse of Osgood (Osgood!!!!) and that always makes me smile. We do get the big reveal of who the second doctor is, and because he’s definitely not a good guy I won’t tell you who. What we don’t get, is any idea why the small silver octopus type things are on the earth, but I hope that we’ll get that in the next issue, once the shock of that reveal is over. So here’s hoping for that.

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #3 is available now at your local comic stores.


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