Seven to Eternity #3


seventoeternity03_coverarta I am still so in shock of this story. Seven to Eternity #3 is really, what I feel, is the beginning of a trekking story. A lot has already happened. Adam left his family to go see the Whisper King, his motives unclear. Then as he is in the presence of evil and you, the reader, are about to find out if Adam listened or not, a battle breaks out. The Mosak, who most thought were extinguished, finally show up to bring down the Whisper King. And there’s Adam, a human, smack dab in the middle of it.  So while you’re still agonizing over whether or not Adam was about to sell his soul or not, the Whisper King is beaten back by some seriously cool Mosak.

Those magical folk are pretty epic, and are able to bind the Whisper King. And then, well, this is where it’s about to get interesting. Six Mosak and Adam are on the trek of their lives. A three month journey to bring the evil king to a magical prison. The down side? The Whisper King’s followers will be after them. So they have to keep their prisoner safe, keep themselves alive, and not kill each other. Because oh yeah, the Mosak decidedly do not trust Adam, and he’s seemingly not fond of them either. it’s a tenuous team to be sure. Should make the next few issues interesting.

I think what I enjoy so much about this comic is that it’s all about honor and decisions. Do you honor the decisions others have made in the past for you? Do you decide that your honor is more important than anything else? Even the safety of your family? This story really makes you question where you lie on those matters.

Seven to Eternity #3 just came out on November 30th and is available now at your local comic shop.


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