Glitterbomb #4


Ahhhh Glitterbomb #4 sorta answers my questions from yesterday. And…well….leaves me with more.  I did like that we got the background on Farrah and why she is the way she is, meaning, why she’s not doing so hot in Hollywood anymore. It does seem that if you tun down a major star, the chance of getting blacklisted is a very real thing.  And I thought that the whole scene was well written, and didn’t need to get too graphic, which is good for anyone with a weak stomach. In those terms anyway.  The carnage that we get due to Farrah passing her monster around like a party favor gives us a whole other level of needing a strong stomach.

I think it was lucky that the cop was there, that he had the nerve to shoot the alien monster thing that lunged out of Farrah, but, how did he know to be there? Did he just assume that whoever killed Cliff might show up to his memorial? Or did he realize something bigger was going on? See, more questions.  Also, man, poor Marty, that kid is going to be scarred for life.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, or at least, the cop knows what happened, where does the story go? Is it going full on Supernatural? Do they call in monster hunters? Especially considering the monster spread simply by a touch and a bit of understanding. Man, all the questions!!!

I have to say though, the writers certainly know what they are doing. Because I want to know. I am invested. I will be reading more just to find out, so they have done their jobs. Made a rabid reader simply by not giving too much away too soon.

Glitterbomb #4 came out yesterday and is available everywhere comics are sold. (Go get it, but start at #1, it’s worth it)


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