Jim Henson’s Storytellers: Giants #1


 I love Jim Henson. I could go on and on about my love affair with Fraggle rock. I won’t, but I could. I loved the Muppets growing up. Heck, I still love the Muppets. So, the chance to read these Storyteller comics makes me one very happy nerdy girl. This is the first of what I believe will be a 10 issue run, and it is great. The thing I love about fables, fairy-tales and folklore are all on display in this issue alone. The Peach’s Son is about home. Belonging even when the mob is out to get you. The young giant of the story would not hurt a fly, yet he is different and different is bad, so of course the town sets out to send him away. Mob mentality at it’s worst. I could easily go into how this story runs parallel to so many issues beating down our country right now, but I won’t.

This story reminds me a lot of Mickey and the giant, only in reverse. Here the giant is not he bad guy, an ogre king is, but the giant has to go up against him to prove that he has worth. That he belongs.  If you think too hard on it, it might make you sad. This poor child who has never hurt a soul, but is turned on, mistrusted, even after he announces he will go and try to best the ogre. It is not until he returns victorious (I’m not spoiling, it’s a fairy-tale, of course it has a happy ending) that his townsfolk accept him and show remorse for their actions.

As usual, Archaia has done a beautiful job bringing Jim Henson’s imagination to the comic page. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is wonderful. overall, i’m quite pleased and cannot wait to see what stories will follow.


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