Supremacy of the Cybermen #5


 Oh Doctor, my Doctor. I love Twelve. Have I mentioned that? This, the last issue in this story line, is all about Twelve. Him and big old stupid head Rassilon have to save all of time and space from the Cybermen, which they wouldn’t have had to do is Rassilon wasn’t a big old poopy head (can you tell ‘m trying not to swear?) I got a lot of satisfaction from all the sass Twelve doled out whilst saving the world from inside his head. His head that had been taking over by the Cybermen. But oh no, he is not going down, not that way. No sir. He manages to save all of time and space, all his former regenerations, all those companions, all those enemies that turned to friends. It’s quite lovely actually.

That right there, that image of an entire army of Cybermen taking over the world or worlds, really, is what the Doctor avoided. He’s a hero. It’s true, no one can tell me otherwise. The how of it is sorta complicated and involves lots of made up Who-niverse words, so in simple terms, he used the Cybermen’s tech against them. Because if something flows in one way, then it sure can flow out the other way. It’s simple physics, physics, physics, physics, isn’t it? (I will use as many quotes from the show as I please.) (Also, this may not be true, the physics part, but I had to use it)

In the end, after the war is won, it’s just the Doctor in his Tardis. Alone. Off on the next grand adventure, just the way we love it.   I quite enjoyed this special event and am really looking forward to what Titan Comics has in store for the 2017 Doctor Who event.


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