It’s that time of year again, Doctor Who Christmas Special time!!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for so many reasons.  Spending time with family. Presents. Hot chocolate liberally laced with whiskey. Christmas music. And……..The Doctor Who Christmas Special.  Extra special this year because us Whovians feel like we’ve been waiting an insanely long time for new episodes. So, we get his as stop gap until the new season starts. These Christmas specials have become legend within the Who-niverse and as a fandom, we gobble them up. There is usually a fabulous guest star. It’s almost always a fantasy filled episode. I mean what is not to like about that? So this morning they finally released a full trailer after teasing us all for months. And I’ve added it in case you haven’t seen it, or if you need to watch it one more time just to see Matt Lucas (he favorited one of my tweets once, swoon…)

This year’s special looks extra cool thanks in part to Doctor Mysterio. Because the Doctor and Superheros naturally mix, don’t you think? Be sure to tune in on Christmas night to catch all the awesomeness. I’ll probably be here the morning after to give you all my feelings.  Happy Christmas my fellow Whovians!


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