Holy Coffee Table Book, Batman! A Look at ‘Batman: A Celebration’


If the phrase “same Bat Time, same Bat Channel” stirs up strong emotions, or “Holy (insert random object), Batman” was a phrase of choice growing up, do we have a book for you. Titan Books recent coffee table showcase book, Batman: A Celebration takes a look at one of the most beloved live action television shows of all time.

Batman: A Celebration begins with an introduction by Adam West himself. He includes some hilarious anecdotes and speaks with warmth about his time on the television show. The book carefully winds its way through the initial decision to make a pilot of the show from the beloved comic books, the  naysayers, and the casting choices that would make Adam West and Burt Ward household names. If you’ve always wanted to know about how the Batcave came into existence or look at early images of the Batmobile, this is definitely a book for you. The book doesn’t forget the show’s villains, including a special guest appearance of Vincent Price as Egghead. The section on guest stars is worth the price of the book alone. Did you know Liberace was on the show twice?

The photographs in Batman: A Celebration are great fun to flip through and look at, but there is so much information tucked into the pages as well. I found myself fascinated reading about actors, props, and set design. It is so amazing to think that initially executives did not want to take a chance on Batman, only for the show to become loved even to today. I will give the warning though that this is one heavy book. In fact, you could likely use it to defend yourself against a Batman villain, show it come to that. It is most definitely designed to be a showpiece for casual reading, and not something to cart around everywhere.

Batman: A Celebration is now available from Titan Books and is a must have for your old school Batman fans.


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