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The Magic-themed LootWear November 2016 is one of the better groupings this year. It came, unusually, in two different envelopes quite some time apart, with the first envelope containing a tantalizing list of the things that were to come, and they did not disappoint.

The highlight of this selection of LootWear were the Harry Potter crest logo pants. They don’t look tremendously sturdy, but they do look good for lounging around the house and, say, typing up reviews. The house logos aren’t the clearest ever–it takes some squinting to work out the raven on the Ravenclaw, for example, and the Hufflepuff badger can be hard to glimpse, but the overall effect is pleasing.

Harry Potter House Pants Hufflepuff Logo

Kingdom Scarf from Magic November 2016 LootWearClose second to this is the Kingdom Hearts icon scarf, a long, soft scarf with the Kingdom Hearts decorations on it. It’s an unusual item, too, likely to catch attention and start conversations with fellow geeks.

Doctor Strange Ugly sweater T-shirtThe Doctor Strange ugly sweater T-shirt would rank a lot higher on the list, both for its bold pattern and for its timeliness (and for not being grey!)but it does suffer from looking very much like an ugly sweater, giving it a very narrow range of time in which the wearer can put it on and have the joke makes sense.

The socks are always, always fun, and this pair is no exception: there is a pair of Doctor Strange socks and a Harry Potter pair. The Harry Potter pair has variouscharacters splashed over them–Dobby being one, quite fittingly. The Doctor Strange pair features the Eye of Agamotto which–what piece of Doctor Strange merchandise doesn’t? They look good, though–actually, I think the pattern would make a very nice tye. Of course, this does put the box in the “doubling franchise” place, which is dicey. A Doctor Strange fan has socks and shirt that match, a Harry Potter fan can pull on the socks with those pants. A non-fan of either franchise has two pieces of merchandise they won’t be using.

This near Christmas, though, I suppose they will make good gifts.

In the flat-out puzzling end of things are the bright yellow Lemongrab Adventure Time underwear, boxers covered with grimacing lemons. I mean, they represent Adventure Time well enough and all, but–they’re very yellow, very lemony, and very puzzling.

Overall, this packet demonstrates how and why LootWear can be such fun: There’s a fair variety of item-types, and the items that are here are well done.

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LootWear November 2016
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