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The Holidays are upon us and with them comes a PLETHORA of charity groups seeking help. There are Angels in the streets, food stands in shopping centers and bell ringers in front of every large retail store just begging for your support. The trouble is, you likely have the same fund limits as many others in this world so how do you choose who to donate to? For all you cosplayers out there your opportunities are ENDLESS! Here are some ideas on how to be charitable this season after donning your favorite cosplay…

Visit a Hospital in Costume

Groups like Cosplay for a Cause and The Heroes Alliance often visit children’s hospitals or children’s wards to bring them cheer in their time of need. Most of these groups will dress up, grab a few unwrapped gifts (comics, toys, coloring books, etc.) and surprise their adorable targets with gifts galore. I have seen Super Man, Wonder Woman, Batman, Sailor Scouts, X-Men and a plethora of other characters roaming through hospital halls while spreading cheer to their sick and/or recovering children. Even if you cannot afford a gift sometimes just a visit from Dexter or the PowerPuff Girls is just the present a child needs when facing intense medical treatment.

Donate to a Cosplay Charity Group

There are DOZENS of cosplay charity groups who do everything from visit sick children, raise awareness for cancer patients and donate much needed supplies to citizens in need. Here is a list of some of my favorite cosplay charity groups…

Donate Your Time

I mentioned visiting hospitals above but there are PLENTY of ways to offer support. Just by BEING there and offering your time you have given someone hope. What could you do if you donate your time? Here are some ideas…

  • Model for a Cosplay Calendar that is Raising Profits for Charity
  • Visit a Food Kitchen in Costume and give some people on hard times a few laughs
  • Offer your services at a Retirement Community
  • Offer to promote a local author, artist, charity group OR event
  • Stand with those holiday bell ringers and draw attention to their cause

Whatever your idea may be, time is ESSENTIAL to ensuring a cause and/or charity is recognized. Do you have a cause, charity, group or event you would like us to give a shout out to? Please mention it in the comments below.

Happy holidays and Fan Girl On!


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