Charlaine Harris’ ‘Grave Surprise’ Comes to Comic Book Form


cover98774-mediumThe Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) books are author Charlaine Harris’ best known works. However, one of her other series, the Grave books, are fantastic as well. Dynamite Comics has turned book two, Grave Surprise, into a graphic novel.

Grave Surprise follows Harper Connelly, and her adopted brother Tolliver Lang, as they travel across country finding missing bodies. When she was a young girl, Harper was struck by lightning. Rather than killing her, she developed the ability to sense the dead and read their final thoughts. In Memphis, Harper is called upon by a local professor. While he attempts to disprove her gifts, she accidentally comes across the body of a young child who has been missing for months. Harper and Tolliver  had been working the previous case, and unfortunately Tolliver was a bit too close with the sister of the former client. Quickly, the media descends on Harper and she and her adopted brother must find a way to solve the crime and stay out of suspicion.

Harper Connelly is one of my favorite heroines in modern mystery books. She’s smart, but has had a challenging upbringing that makes her relatable. While I had pictured Harper’s looks entirely differently, her portrayal in the graphic novel just works. As a word of caution to readers, if you’re sensitive to storylines where there’s childhood abuse, you should be warned that this is depicted when there are flashbacks to Harper and Tolliver’s childhood.

Grave Surprise comes to shelves December 27, 2016.


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