Ether #2


 So, I really liked the first Ether comic. It was funny and interesting and seemed like a solid start to something I really figured I’d enjoy. But this second issue, it feels very disjointed. It starts with Boone talking to himself like a crazy homeless person (I say this because the art seems to suggest that he is homeless). Then we find out exactly what the cost of going to the Ether is (not telling. spoilers). Then we get him in the Ether and trying to continue on with his investigation into the death of the Blaze from the last issue, but then it ends with with I’m assuming is a flashback?

So, there’s like 3 separate parts to this issue, although each of them does give you a valuable piece of information. In the beginning, like I mentioned earlier, the cost of visiting the Ether. It’s not pretty, and I’m glad that we get to see that.  I feel it lends a gravitas, which among the silliness of the Ether, we need.

While in the Ether, we learn more about Glum. Most importantly, he was a slave as a baby, and was rescued by the Blaze herself. Which is very sad, and shows that the Ether isn’t all Cloud Cuckoo (yes you read that right..Cloud Cuckoo. I had to double check to be sure, so I think the writers must be a fan of the Lego Movie?) So, Glum is very anxious to see Boone find out who killed the Blaze. Again, important information, plus it humanizes Glum, the big purple furry guy.

And then there is the flashback. We meet Hazel, who is Boone’s wife? Girlfriend? She is the important person either way, and I am super anxious to know just what happened to her.  Did she go with Boone to the Ether? Did he lose her to his obsession with the place? There’s a lot of ways the writers can take this, all of which would be fun to see unfold. So even though this issue is a bit disjointed, I still enjoyed it.


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