Mycroft Holmes #4


 Man…these comics just keep getting better and better. Mycroft Holmes #4 has me hooked, still. There is so much snark, a good dose of suspended belief and then, oh yeah, Jesse James. This story is moving in directions, that like Mycroft would say are “inevitable” but then again, in other ways, not so much. I mean I totally expected him to get naked with Agent Adler (Mycroft does love to get naked). And I sorta saw the bad guys kidnapping the young girl, it makes sense that they will do whatever necessary to get the blueprints. But I did not anticipate Adler and Holmes tricking the James Gang. That was pretty interesting, although Jesse James in this story does not seem all that bright, or viscous really.

Also, can we talk about Agent Adler? Cause it’s not Irene Adler that we all know and love form the stories, and she is with Mycroft and not fighting Sherlock, but I mean, the writer had to know that us readers would be dissecting that move. Is she related to Irene? Or does she just change her name when she goes move to England later on? I’m curious about that and wonder if Abdul-Jabbar will mention it at all.

So, I love this story. I’ve said that I know. But I really do. it’s fun to see Mycroft as something other than a staid old fart, and the mystical aspect of this story is fun as well. I really, really want to know who the big bad is, and where he is getting all his fun, evil toys. That golden thing he used to behead his lackey was a cool contraption I’m thinking is the predecessor to a similar weapon I’ve seen in newer tv shows. I can’t wait to see what the pair get up to next, and if the big bad will get unveiled soon.


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