Lunch Witch #2: Knee-Deep in Niceness


In Lunch Witch #2, Grunhilda the witch has a serious problem. Though she is expected to be mean and nasty, she has a soft spot of kindness in her heart. After leaving her work as a local school lunch lady, she continues to receive sweet letters from a child at the school. She is torn. While she works to hide her niceness, her animals decide to step in to help. Though her spell book specifically forbids anyone other than a witch from using it, her beloved dog works to create a spell to create nastiness in his master. Unfortunately, he messes up said spell and instead spreads positivity everywhere. Grunhilda rushes to prevent the spread of niceness as her witchy ancestors plot to make her meaner.

Lunch Witch #2 is adorable. The story is interesting and compelling, and the art style is original unto itself. The style features darker colors that give the comic more of a drab feel. When the positivity spell hits, bright colors find their way to the page.  Deb Lucke has a way of blending her writing and art to make it both enjoyable for children and adults. It is also understandable without reading the first graphic novel in the series, but I would recommend picking up Lunch Witch #1 as well.

Lunch Witch #2: Knee-Deep in Niceness is now available from Papercutz.


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