Klaus and the Witch of Winter


 Okay….Klaus is wicked. I love the idea of a seriously butt kicking Santa. This reminds me a little of Alec Baldwin’s Santa in the Guardians movie. Santa that will do whatever he needs to in order to help and protect the children he is meant to take care of. It’s awesome.

So Klaus and the Winter Witch is a story of good versus evil, done in the most amazing way. Klaus has been imprisoned on the moon but he’s back just in time to rescue two children who have been kidnapped. It’s a trap though, because of course it is, and Klaus is imprisoned again. The Winter Witch has taken over one of his old workshops at the North Pole and she is using Klaus’ old friend Master freaking Geppetto (!!) to make an army of wooden soldiers. She wants to take over the world, as any truly evil witch wants. So it’s up to Klaus, his very cool wolf friend Lilli, and a  few of his elf friends to take out the evil witch and her ice and wood minions.

The story is so well done. Heartfelt and full of action, with just enough holiday cheer to make a die hard Christmas fan rejoice. I don’t want to give too many details as I feel it would ruin the story, but I do love the bit near the end when all the former versions of Santa show up to help win the battle. It’s a cool piece of writing and the illustrations just make it better.

Klaus and the Winter Witch is a really fun read to help get you into the spirit, if you’re not already. I give it 5 tree topping stars, all sparkled up.  You can go and find it at your local comic shop or online.


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