Carrie Fisher Has Died


On Dec 23rd I was having dinner with my family, celebrating my birthday. After a quick check of my phone, I stopped celebrating. Carrie Fisher, the much beloved Princess Leia had had a heart attack while on a plane from London to LA and it did not look good. But as the days went on I held out hope. No news is good news, right? In this case, no. A little while ago news broke that she had died. The badass princess from outer space is with us no more.

I, like man others, am heartbroken. When I was little Princess Leia was my idol. She was strong and sassy and she too liked small fluffy creatures. I felt a kinship with her. Throughout the years I’ve followed her, read her books, and all the while, still looked up to her most recognizable role. A role that she took on as a part of who she was. As I write this, all over the internet fans are sharing how much they loved her. They are using her quotes, words from her movies, interspersed with their own grief.

So from one fangirl to another, May the Force be with you Carrie Fisher. Wherever you are, I hope you have peace.  I hope you know you were loved.


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