Seven to Eternity #4


 So we meet our weary band of travelers after a week on the road. They are already tired and mistrustful, and it appears that a breakdown is on the horizon. Seven to Eternity does not skimp on the dark and dreary, which is what lends to this comic being so unique. So when the characters start to share their backgrounds, their life stories and hatred for the Mud King, I was not surprised to see so much sadness.  So much death and destruction that follows in the wake of the Mud King. Adam had been considering the offer he heard, and perhaps hearing the woe of the others in his band of travelers will help him to make the right decision. Which, of course, we all know is to not take the offer. The Mud King is evil incarnate, so I’m just going to sit here and wring my hands in the hopes that Adam doesn’t screw up.

As well as getting to learn about the members of Adam’s band of not so merry companions, we also learn a bit about the Mud King’s backstory. His childhood was probably not so good, as implicated by the Goblin and the pink lady (whose name I seriously do not know) and he has a son. A son, who we get to see being pretty much just as evil as his daddy. Also, a flute? Why on earth a flute? There has to be scarier instruments out there. Just ask the Mad Max people. Moving on….so the son is trying to find his daddy, the Mud King is using his terrible powers to worm his way into Adam’s subconscious, and our party is down from 6 to 5. Interesting things are about to happen in this story, and I’m dang sure excited to keep reading.

Also, I’m a huge fan of the question posed at the end of this issue. Why didn’t the Mud King escape when he had the chance?


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