Grimm Vol 2 #4


 Grimm Vol 2 #4 leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth.  I’m at the point where I’m giving this story line one more chance than I may be jumping ship. It started out strong and then went increasingly into the territory of too stupid to live. Now, I’ve not seen the show this comic is based on. Maybe if I had I would better understand the characters here. But really it’s at one stupid decision after another. When Juliette said for the fifth or sixth time that she wouldn’t ask Nick for help I was screaming at my computer screen. “You obviously need help. Call Nick, dang it” Okay, in reality I cursed but that’s no nevermind here.

Juliette and gang are still trying to get her friend Izzy out of jail. They are still fighting the other gang of women who are ripping through Portland trying to steal something to pay off a mobster. All this is still going on, and none of it seems to be going the way we all want it to. Juliette is not getting anything done. Unless getting kidnapped by said mobster was in her game plan.  I just, at this point, I want something to go right for her and her friends. But when you align yourself with a bad chick to try and beat the other bad chicks…do you see what I’m saying about too stupid to live?

So, that’s it. One more issue and if the writers don’t give this poor girl something positive, I might be done with this comic. I really loved the idea of a story all about the ladies of a tv show that is abut a guy and his adventures, but they’ve just not done a good enough job to keep me hooked. Or at least, that is my humble opinion.


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