‘The Clancys of Queens’ is a Hilarious Autobiography of Life in New York City


Tara Clancy grew up in Queens, between her Irish NYPD father and her Italian mother. In her autobiographical book The Clancys of Queens, Tara takes a look at what life was like traversing the two worlds of her divorced parents and becoming herself.

The Clancys of Queens is a hilarious book that I found myself reading out loud to my boyfriend more than once. Her Italian Grandmother is a foul-mouthed Mae West devotee that is difficult not to fall madly in love with. Tara’s descriptions of her grandmother and a local woman from India exchanging sweet treats in the grocery store was heartwarming. Tara Clancy has a magnificent way of telling stories that reminds me of sitting down and having a beer with new friends telling you detailed and hilarious things that have happened to them. She is not pretentious, but rather often self-deprecating. For example, her descriptions of her teenage wardrobes will make adults from the 1990’s laugh and remember the embarrassment of some of the fashion choices made during high school.

The Clancys of Queens is a loving and comic look at the often uncomfortable existence of a young woman as she finds herself in her family. It is a wonderful book, and a quick read. If you’re a fan of things like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you will love this book.

The Clancys of Queens is now available from Crown Publishing.


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