Doctor Who: The 11th Doctor Year 3


 oohhhh ohhhhh….spoilers ahead! I don’t generally like to give spoilers of the comics I read, but man oh man…..I hope you have your markers ready, keep an eye on the tally marks that appear on your arm and your face and legs…cause The Freaking Silence are here!

In 11th Doctor Year 3, #1 we get one of my favorite Who monsters of all time, and in my mind, certainly one of the scariest. I was worried, in the beginning. It seemed like silly 11 was here, going round trying to find records and such, but when he finds out his friend has passed on, well we get a slightly less silly doctor. Although, it doesn’t last because then he gets and invitation, and even though the invitation basically screams TRAP at him, he goes and begins to explore. I feel like if i was Alice, his companion for this series, I’d probably try to keep him on leash. the 11th Doctor has never been my favorite as he is a bit daft (okay, more than a bit) but he does get quality monsters to deal with. I was wondering as he started racing through the living planet who we were going to find at the end of the trap, and I was beyond stoked to find The Silence.

Losing your memory every time you look away? Brilliant story telling. I cannot wait to see how it plays out throughout the story arc, and to see how Alice deals with the Silence. Any true Whovian will hold this story and her response to the high level of Amy and Rory (Team Ponds forever). Also, I find it’s important to mention since we’re bringing back old monsters, that I am not at all a fan of Eleven’s “upgrades” to Bessie. Poor girl. She deserves better.

So, finally an Eleven comic run I’m excited for. Will be keeping an eye out for this series and how it will hopefully use one of my favorite monsters well. (You didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you, Weeping Angels are my favorite)


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