Doctor Who: 12th Doctor, Year 2, #13


 I love this pairing. Grumpy Twelve and loud, brash Julie. She was Madame something or other to begin with, but by the time her and the Doctor have finished this adventure, she’s just plain old Julie. Even with another pardon form King Louis XIV.

12th Doctor: Year 2, #13 picks up right where the last issue ended. With Cardinal Richelieu trying to take over France, with the help of some big bad alien called The Darkness to help him out. Now the Darkness reminds me of something out of H.P Lovecraft, which is pretty cool if I’m being honest.  And they of course want to destroy our world, because as they say, we don’t deserve the light. It’s a pretty big statement to make, but never fear the Doctor is there to stop them. It’s what he does.

With Julie by his side, the Doctor figures out exactly how to destroy the Darkness, with light of course. But in order for 12 to make it work, Julie ends up captured. This leaves us with a pretty fun episode where during her execution Julie gets to call the Doctor “weedy” and have him get all annoyed with her.  An annoyed Doctor is usually a fun Doctor to watch and it proves true here. Julie gets a light saber (might not be what it is, but it looked like one so I’m rolling with it) and then the fight is on. I don’t believe it’s a spoiler to say the Doctor wins, though I will leave out how, cause it’s kinda fun.  This is the last of this story arc, I believe, so it ends with Julie and The Doctor riding off into the sunset, or does it? I think the final panel wants to make you think there may be more with the two of them, and I wouldn’t mind that at all. As I said to start, I enjoy the chemistry the two of them have. Either way, it sure will be interesting to see what comes next.


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