Ninth Doctor #9


 So, Ninth Doctor #9, I feel like I must have missed one or five, as I don’t remember him being with Jack and Rose trying to figure out what happened to Jack’s memories. Nor do I remember Tara, a stowaway. Hmmm…there was a stowaway in the Torchwood comics…I think I may be reading too many, they’re all blending together.

And, moving on. This issue sees the Doctor, Rose, Jack and Tara in Brazil circa 1600’s. There’s some guys who look like conquistador’s who are slavers really, rounding up local indigenous people to sell. This alone is rage inducing, but since it’s Doctor Who, there will be a monster that makes everything shine with a different light. And what a monster it is. She almost reminds me of the crazy fish lady from Venice and Ten’s tenure, but she actually cooler than that. I assume, I bet we learn more next issue. As of right now, I’m gonna call her a siren. She’s doing something to the minds of those who come near her pool, and she has a giant metallic looking guard merfish thingy.

While The Doctor and Tara are dealing with that, Jack and Rose are off discovering that Jack had been undercover there as a Jesuit priest (laughable really). He finds the opening to his safe house, flirts with a computer and doe his best to fill in the blanks of his stolen memory.

All in all it’s a good issue. It’s funny to see jealous Rose since so many people tend to assume she didn’t have feelings for Nine, and didn’t fall til Ten. I like to think she fell because of Nine..but I’m a big ol softie and favor Nine. I hope that in the next issue The Doctor is able to save the indigenous people from the alien siren lady, and the slavers.  I also hope that Jack finds some more of his memories. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next issue.


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